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January 4, 2017

What Motivates me to meet friends?

As you guys know I have recently moved to the USA from Singapore. For last 9 years, my life in Singapore has been wonderful, but have always felt that I have missed my friends and cousins who got settled in the US. As soon as I dropped in US, I started my travel to meet my long lost friends and cousins. I have travelled 14 states so far in 5 months and met my cousins and many of my friends from school and college. All these trips have been just to meet people rather than to see the place.

One of these trips was a trip to Madison Wisconsin to meet my college friend Kalyan. Srikanth and I flew to Minnesota to meet up Ravi and from there we drove to Madison. It was really nice to meet Kalyan’s mom whom I am seeing after more than 7 years. Also I got to meet and know his wife Sailaja. During this trip we went out for drinks and in that discussion came a question from Kalyan.

“Even though we want to meet, we find reasons to postpone the trips or skip the meeting, rather you find reasons and always try to meet. What motivates you to travel so far to meet people. What is the driving factor?”

At that moment, I gave some answer which even I was not convinced about. Since then more than a week has passed and I have already done another road trip to 4 states to meet friends and cousins. Fortunately during this trip I got a chance to drive alone for more than 12 hours straight which helped me to ponder up on that question. I guess the answer involves two factors intermingling. One my passion for travel and two my love for friends and cousins. I don’t really want to write about why I travel as its a topic for another day. Now the question is “Why I go to such great lengths to meet friends and family”.

When I was a kid, my dad taught me the difference between a classmate and a friend. So until I came to college, I always had not more than 5 friends (whom I chose very carefully) in a class of more than 50. I wouldn’t even bother about other people in the class. This might also be because of my shyness which has costed dearly with respect to knowing my classmates. But ever since I joined my graduation, I was matured/bold enough to talk to new people and make new friendships. This experience at MGIT has made me realise that I was very natural at making friends and maintaining the relationships.

From there on, I have been instrumental (self boasting) in bringing friends together and keeping the group intact. I have done a reunion for my school friends when I was in my first job. Even when I moved to Singapore, I made sure I don’t miss any marriage of my cousins and friends and had tried to meet up with everyone whenever possible. Recently I have taken the initiative of a small reunion with school friends in the US. I have also started multiple whatsapp groups to make sure we are all in touch with each other.

Having said all the above, I would say the below reasons keep me going:

1. Cannot afford to loose friends: It’s very difficult to start a friendship/relationship. Once that bond is formed, we cannot afford to loose that connection with friends. In this materialistic world, getting a good friend without expecting anything from you is very difficult. So I try to treasure such friendships and relationships.

2. Once a friend always a friend: All these friends whom I have met in last 5 months, I am meeting them after many years. But the moment we met, we could kick off from where we left it. So there is no awkwardness or tension when you start the conversation.

3. Happiness: I find happiness in these small meetings when you share those old moments which you have lived/shared together. Everyone whom I have met have shared their appreciation for taking this step and meeting them. It was very welcoming for me to do more of it.

3. Kal ho na ho: In my life, I have found couple of examples where in people were devastated for not meeting up with friends before it got too late.

4. Travel: As I told above, I love travelling and I use these opportunities to meet friends as a reason to hit the road.

5. Just for the sake of it: Going out and meeting friends just for the sake of it without any reason. What worse can happen apart from some laughs together.

6. May be for a reason: I believe we all are in this world for a reason. When we meet our friends, we might be at the right time at the right place and something amazing might happen to you or your friend because of this meeting. Recently a friend called me to check about what’s going on at my end and also shared about his struggles with job search. That call changed his fate as I was able to arrange an interview which helped him get a job.

Finally I would say, not everyone can do as what I am doing. I am sure everyone will have their own reasons for doing what they are doing. But I would say, we need to be in touch with our friends atleast through a call or message so that we will all have more and more wonderful moments together.

November 7, 2016

Back yet again

Today just by chance my friends (from SRMJC) in “Pinde ka Paandav” (I know it sounds funny) Whatsapp group brought up the topic of blogging. I didn’t know that I was in company with couple of amazing bloggers. MVS and KillBill (that’s what I would like to call them) are amazing blogs to read.


Just for show off I also shared my simple (compared to the above professional blogs) personal blog to them. They liked it and have encouraged me to start writing again. Compliments for my blog from good friends has actually done some impact and I have decided that I should start writing yet again after all these years.

Finally I am back to my nonsensical posts yet again.

February 12, 2012

Year in Review 2011

For last one week I am not having any work and getting bored. Today was no different for me. I’m sitting here at my office and getting bored. All day I have been looking into cricket statistics. Getting into mid of February, my blog is still waiting for a review post of what happened in last one year. I have couple of hours to go home and as I am waiting I’d like to take a quick look back at 2011, with a YEAR IN REVIEW

I am trying hard to memorize as what has happened in this year. So in parallel I am taking help of my own blog postings and Facebook timeline and activity log.

JANUARY 2011: Year started off well with a nice Year end count down and party. Watched lot of movies as usual. Had a good time on the occasion of Swetha’s birthday. Yet another year without any hike and do not have a reason why I should stay in the current job. As the month came to an end, the only positive feeling that took into next month is about mom and dad coming to Singapore.

FEBRUARY 2011: The month started off with mom and dad visiting Singapore. We travelled around in Singapore and also visited Malaysia and Indonesia. We started the year of runs with the Zoo run of 8KM. February 12th was Ramya’s second anniversary and February 14th, Valentines day was my second marriage anniversary. Swetha & I were very happy as we spent quality time with mom & dad. Cricket World Cup 2011 has started with a bang.

MARCH 2011: March has always been special for me as its the month of my birthday. Had a great time on my birthday with mom and dad. After mom dad left Singapore, our good time continued and we enjoyed all the weekends. Holi was a highlight as we had a great time at ECP. In World Cup, India defeated Australia and Pakistan in Quarters and Semis respectively. We also started our $1000 budget month in March. Most important, I completed 3 years of blogging.

APRIL 2011: April started of with Ramya fooling me about her trip to SG. India won the world cup after 27 years beating Sri Lanka in the final. We all cheered Team India and Sachin. Started using Windows Live writer for my blogging. My best buddies marriage anniversary. This is the month when my blog reached 14000 visitors. Celebrated Ugadi nicely with all the friends coming home. Celebrated Nagaraj’s birthday at Khalsa Club. Our running continued with 12KM run at 2XU compression run. After mom and dad, my brother came to Singapore for a short trip. I had a nice time with him.

MAY 2011: May was full of fun as Nagaraj’s family was in Singapore and we had a great time. As they were in Singapore we went out for Bowling, Wake Boarding, Ice Skating and did many other activities. We also went to see the Air Show where we got a chance to sit in the F-16 fighter jet. My team also won 2 matches comprehensively after 6 straight losses.

JUNE 2011: June started off with birthday party of Surya at Arab street. June 4th weekend was frenzy as I watched 13 Movies, played 4 Hours of Badminton and did 2 Hours of shopping. First week was awesome with lot of movies, games and parties including Rakesh’s anniversary party. This is the month when we discovered about the hottest chicken wings at Sunset Grill and Bar. We successfully completed our first ever National Vertical Marathon by climbing Singapore’s tallest building. We also did a charity walk barefoot for Barclay’s bare your soul walk.

JULY 2011: July was a calm month for me with not much activities other than running. We successfully completed Race against cancer – 15KM and Marina 21KM. Both the run I was able beat my best timing.

AUGUST 2011: August month also did not see any activity for us. It was just the routine. We had a nice time at Santosh and Sowmya’s birthdays. Other than Credit Suisse beach volley ball and Director’s Premier league cricket, I haven’t played much. Wished my brother and dad on their birthdays. We ended the last weekend with bar hopping.

SEPTEMBER 2011: September month was rocking and hectic for us. Swetha & I went to Hong Kong and Macau. It was an awesome trip and we also did our world’s highest bungee jump. couple of weeks later we went along with my whole gang to Bangkok for Bachelors party of Amar & Praveen. We also did our level Rock Climbing certification this month.

OCTOBER 2011: October started off with a day trip to Pulau Ubin, where we have taken some very nice action photos. Diwali was fun as we have again tried some skills of photography. We had a crazy weekend night when we left home in the evening and came back only in the morning at 7AM. It was also special as it was the month of mom’s birthday. Amar got married this month and we all wished him at the airport. The most exciting part of October was a present from Swetha. I was very very much impressed with her work. He created a video with my photos and a song in the background. The timing was impeccable.

NOVEMBER 2011: November was a tragic month for my family. Swetha and her family have gone through agony and pain due to the tragic death of Sreekanth.

DECEMBER 2011: With in a month we had another bad news of my grand father’s expiry. I was not so sad as he got relief from pain that he was going through. Swetha & I have done our Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon. I have done the full while Swetha did the half marathon.

Even though I started writing about this on a weekend, I am ending this on a weekend as it took some time to recollect of what has happened over a year. I wish my new year will have more and more adventures and stories to talk about.

February 1, 2012

January 2012

One month passed in 2012 and I did not write any thing substantial in January. There were lot of moments and days in January about which I wanted to write in my blog. Again blame the laziness and 24 TV series for not doing it. Below are some I am listing down about which I wanted to blog about.

New Year: As a start to the new year we all make resolutions and try and review what happened during the last year. Even though I have not done any resolutions, I would definitely write about last year this month.

Ramya’s Birthday: January 11th, birthday of my best friend and cousin. Even though we are miles away, we have been speaking almost everyday and discuss about everything on the earth. Looking forward to meet her. Also I wish her a great relation with her new member in the family Zoe.

Swetha’s Birthday: January 18th, birthday of my wife. Last 2 years I have suprised her on this occassion. This year I was lazy and couldn’t plan any thing. Swetha & I took leave and were at home to spend some quality time with each other.

Sankranthi: We celebrated well in Authentic telugu style

Republic Day: Just wished my friends

Chinese New Year: It was a long weekend with 4 days. We spent the whole weekend with sports & movies.

India’s White Wash: India had a forgettable start to 2012 with a 4-0 white wash against Australia. I hope India will bounce back.

Australian Open Final: After coming to Singapore, I have hardly followed any sports on television. It was Australian Open final which I saw this weekend and what a match it was. I was very fortunate to see this match and I thank Mahesh for arranging this.

Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA): January 16th, Wikipedia took a decision to black out in a protest against SOPA.

I wish and hope I will be able to blog more regularly.

January 7, 2012

2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 24,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

December 13, 2011

400 Posts

Its been 3 Years and 9 months now that I have started writing in my blog. Today I realized that I have already crossed 400 posts on my blog.

For people who know me, this is definitely a surprise for them. I hope I am improving from my first post on the blog. I thank my friends and cousins who are reading my blog and giving a constructive feedback. As my cousin said, I wish I can write a book about my self with the content from my blog.

November 30, 2011

Social Media 2011

Change is Rapid

November 3, 2011

Weird/Amazing Experiences/Things that I did in life

Name at least 10 weird/amazing experiences/things about your life.
I came across this in some blog hopping.

Now once I started this, I couldn’t really stop as I got many endless experiences to write here. But I thought I will only mention the ones which can be shared with everyone ;). Some are good, some are funny and some are sad.

As it is at least 10, I did not limit it to 10.

1. Singing in a school singing competition. My brother had to face the embarrassment (we both were from the same school) as I literally read the wordings of the song rather than singing.

2. When I was a kid (may be 5 or 6-year-old), I was almost drowned in a river. I almost took my brother who came to help me. At the same time god has sent a saviour who was washing his clothes there.

3. After being a grown up kid, I almost killed Kishore by choking his throat. I cried for more than half an hour after that.

4. I am the one who bought the first drink for many of my cousins & friends (mainly the female ;)).

5. Once I drank Pepsi with full of chilli flakes as part of a challenge. I would never do that again in my life.

6. I climbed Mount Kinabalu and had explored both the Timpohon and Mersilau trails. I would climb again if Swetha would join me.

7. I had many close encounters with “death”. I was never worried about any of those accidents, but cannot forgive myself for one such accident in which Vijay got badly injured.

8. Did the world’s highest bungee jump at Macau and I would do it again and again 🙂

9. Took money from dad’s pocket when I was a kid and got a nice bashing for that.

10. I had twice touched 160 km an hour speed in a car and once touched 130 km an hour on bike. It was an exhilarating experience and hope to cross those speeds.

11. Had hiccups for almost 2 full days and had a real bad time. Mind you hiccups just seem so simple, but they are not.

12. I wasted 1 year 8 months in my life without having a proper vision to my life. People don’t believe but I feel bad about it even today.

13. Due to my sleep I missed my destinations many a times since my childhood and it’s still going on now.

14. I have done a marathon of movies and saw 20 movies over a weekend. This is something which I am trying to beat almost every month 😉

15. Did couple of half marathons without any practice and now planning for full marathon this December.

16. Climbed Singapore’s tallest building using steps. It was definitely painful, but the view at the end was relaxing.

17. I was drunk so much in a party and even today I do not remember what I did that night. I have to believe all the weird stories that my friends tell me.

18. Went to airport to drop off a friend and flew to India without any planning for a weekend.

19. Slept in almost all the important exams. I wish I used that time in reviewing my answers :P.

20. I shouted out answers in an examination hall ;).

21. Travelled alone to Ho Chi Minh City and actually enjoyed the trip. I am missing that experience these days.

22. Travelled South India for 4 days without a break and sleeping only in the SUV.

23. Did a weird journey to Singarayakonda overnight without knowing the route and address.

There are lot more weird, exciting and amazing things that I want to do. Hope this list grows leaps and bounds and very quick 😉

Have a happy day to you all!

October 10, 2011

While I was away

Its been 2 months that I was away from my blogging, so just wanted to update about what all happened when I was away from blogging.

I went on a wonderful trip to Hong Kong and Macau. I & Swetha did the world’s Highest Bungee Jump from Macau Tower. That was an amazing experience. I & friends went to Bangkok for a weekend trip. It was super fun, but hectic though. One weekend we went to Pulau Ubin and got some nice action shots which I shall post here later.

Apart from trips I have been quite busy with my job as it was only 2 people for a whole month and now its only me for 3 weeks. I am not sure why I am hanging around in this job and I do not have an explanation for that.

I am also planning to go to India in December and I hope that will be a total fun with out any disturbance from the office work.

June 3, 2011

Busy Months

Its been busy two months on both personal and professional front and I was unable to write anything on my blog wall (Wall? .. Thanks to FB :)). So what happened in last 2 months and what kept me busy .. Here we go:

Image Source

– Raghav (my elder bro) came to Singapore with his friends and stayed at my place. Even though the stay was just for the weekend, we had a great time.

– Hectic Project work getting on to my nerves. I have been kind of leading a project taking care of all the technical aspects. There have been some goof ups from my side and in return gifted me Late night working

– Nagaraj’s family was again in Singapore after almost a year. This time even though we did not travel anywhere we were quite busy in Singapore.

– I have been playing Regular cricket matches and attending practice sessions. I have been following all the IPL matches, even though they were less interesting this time.

– The new craze in town for our group is badminton. We have been playing badminton every weekend without fail and we are enjoying it.

– There is one surprise, I haven’t seen enough movies in last 2 months. I hardly saw any new movies as these activities kept me quite busy.
– Because of my bro, Nag’s family & birthdays almost all the weekends have turned to party nights.

– This summer, we have done lot of activities right from bowling, pool, wake boarding to ice skating.

– Oops last but not the least Swetha’s resigned. She is happy to leave the organisation and all those shifts which took a toll of her health.