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January 4, 2017

Dhoni – The Street Smart

Cricket in India was introduced by the British and lot of legendary players have blessed it with their style and class. So far 287 players in Tests, 216 players in ODIs and 66 in T20Is have made debut for India. How many do we really remember? How many have had an impact on us? How many have created their own style?

For me there are few players because whom I am still watching cricket. I can start with

Gavaskar, the Master Class batsmen from 70s, who is admired all across the globe even today for his batting.

In the early and mid 80s came the first ever Fast Bowler for India – “Kapildev Ramlal Nikhanj”. He inspired a whole generation of fast bowlers for India.

In the late 80s was the stylish Hyderabadi Mohd. Azharuddin whose wrist play can never be forgotten. He was the most respected captain in his prime among all teams.

Then came the GOD – SACHIN about whom I need not write as his name says it all.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, it was yet another cricketer who became popular for his captaincy – Saurav Ganguly. My generation can never forget his straight sixers outside the stadium.

Then came the most arrogant and restless player of the era – Virender Sehwag. He entertained crowds in all formats of the game.

Till now whom so ever I have mentioned had amazing statistics, game, style, class. If it was not for them, I would have lost interest in cricket long ago.

All the above players are legends and no one can even dream to be them again. Playing along side with them itself would be a great honour for anyone. But there is one person who for whom I have started this blog can manage all these guys in one team and get the best out of them.


That’s None other than Mahender Singh Dhoni. He hailed from a state about which most of us would come to know after him. He debut in 2004 December and brought India T20 World cup in 2007 September. He took up on a role which no other senior player wanted to even consider. He got a very young team to play with and went on to win the 2011 ODI world cup. He also achieved the Number one status for India in Test Cricket. He has achieved all the heights that any captain can reach. For me he is the best captain so far for India.

Today I heard the news which was inevitable and was just matter of time for the man to take the decision. Mahender Singh Dhoni has decided to call it quits from captaincy in limited overs cricket.

I am sure his reigns would go to able hands of awe inspiring young man Virat Kohli who himself has already established as one of the greats to play the sport.

November 30, 2012

Should Sachin Retire?

All over the Facebook, the status messages convey praises to Ponting for his timely decision for retirement and cursing Sachin for not doing the same. I thought let me look at the numbers and hit it back at people who are bashing Sachin for not retiring.

For almost 5 years, where ever Sachin plays, people have been giving a standing ovation thinking that would be his last game there. He has proven everyone wrong and is continuing his love for cricket.

I took the last 6 years of performances between Sachin and Ponting to see how well each has performed.

Tests Played between 2007 and 2012


RP: M-4; I-6; R-192; A-38.4

ST: M-9; I-16; R-776; A-55.42


RP: M-14; I-25; R-1182; A-47.28

ST: M-13; I-25; R-1063; A-48.31


RP: M-13; I-23; R-853; A-38.77

ST: M-6; I-9; R-541; A-67.62


RP: M-12; I-23; R-813; A-36.95

ST: M-14; I-23; R-1562; A-78.10


RP: M-7; I-13; R-415; A-31.92

ST: M-9; I-17; R-756; A-47.25


RP: M-8; I-13; R-588; A-49

ST: M-7; I-12; R-274; A-22.83


RP: M-58; I-103; R-4043; A-40.83

ST: M-58; I-102; R-4972; A-54.04

In tests, apart from 2012 every other year Sachin has dominated over Ricky Ponting. The overall figures during this time says it all. If we consider anything less than 45 average is a bad year, then Sachin had just one while Ponting has 4 years. Australia and Australians has supported their greatest player of modern era during the bad patch in his career. Sachin being the greatest player of all time for India, Indians are losing their patience with just one year of failure in performances. Poor chap, he has set his standards so high that people cannot see him perform like other 95% of players in world cricket now.

ODIs Played between 2007 and 2012


RP: M-27; I-24; R-1424; A-79.11

ST: M-33; I-32; R-1425; A-47.5


RP: M-13; I-13; R-278; A-21.38

ST: M-12; I-12; R-460; A-41.81


RP: M-29; I-29; R-1198; A-42.78

ST: M-21; I-20; R-972; A-54


RP: M-22; I-22; R-771; A-36.71

ST: M-2; I-2; R-204; A-204


RP: R-18; I-17; R-604; A-40.26

ST: M-11; I-11; R-513; A-46.63


RP: M-5; I-5; R-18; A-3.6

ST: M-10; I-10; R-315; A-31.5


RP: M-114; I-110; R-4293; A-42.93

ST: M-89; I-87; R-3899; A-48.01

Sachin is the greatest ODI player of all time. He has proved that in his performances in last 6 years also. There was only one year where Ponting has beaten Sachin with his average. During the same time, he has become the first player to hit a double century in ODIs.

I further compared Sachin with rest of the world in last 6 years. In tests Sachin is in the Top 4 run getters while Ponting is in the 14th position. Also only 5 people have bettered his average in the Top 14.

Player Mat Inns Runs Ave 100 50
AN Cook (Eng) 72 126 5899 49.99 18 26
KP Pietersen (Eng) 68 112 5264 49.66 16 18
MJ Clarke (Aus) 59 101 5123 55.68 17 17
SR Tendulkar (India) 58 102 4972 54.04 16 23
JH Kallis (SA) 54 92 4869 60.86 20 16
KC Sangakkara (SL) 49 85 4829 62.71 18 17
HM Amla (SA) 55 95 4734 55.04 16 22
GC Smith (SA) 54 95 4500 51.13 15 19
MEK Hussey (Aus) 60 105 4405 44.94 13 21
V Sehwag (India) 49 89 4376 50.88 11 20
DPMD Jayawardene (SL) 50 86 4351 53.06 15 14
AJ Strauss (Eng) 65 112 4246 39.31 11 19
R Dravid (India) 58 106 4190 43.64 13 17
RT Ponting (Aus) 58 103 4043 40.83 8 26

In ODIs, with very minimal games being played in 4 of the last 6 years Sachin is still in the Top 10 run getters while Ponting is in the 8th position playing 25 innings more than Sachin. But if you look at the average at which Sachin has scored his runs would keep him in 3rd position in the top 10 run getters.

Player Mat Inns Runs Ave 100 50
KC Sangakkara (SL) 155 149 5656 40.98 9 38
MS Dhoni (Asia/India) 152 135 5173 54.45 5 36
TM Dilshan (SL) 146 138 4906 39.56 13 20
DPMD Jayawardene (Asia/SL) 157 148 4701 34.56 7 34
G Gambhir (India) 123 119 4668 43.22 10 32
MJ Clarke (Aus) 130 122 4653 46.53 5 35
AB de Villiers (Afr/SA) 106 101 4481 56.01 13 26
RT Ponting (Aus) 114 110 4293 42.93 10 27
MEK Hussey (Aus) 137 120 4054 42.67 2 30
SR Tendulkar (India) 89 87 3889 48.01 9 22


May 24, 2012

Sachin Wrong Dismissals

February 9, 2012

White Wash

Today New Zealand beat Zimbabwe 3-0 in the ODI series. This season has seen lot of white washes which included, India against England (both Tests & ODIs) and Australia (Tests), England against Pakistan (Tests) and now Zimbabwe. So I went my friend – Stats guru of Cricinfo website to see which country got white washed the most and which country forced the white wash more. Below are the results:

Tests: (Forced White wash, White Washed)

Australia – 19, 3

England – 13, 7

Pakistan – 5, 5

West Indies – 3, 7

Sri Lanka – 3, 3

South Africa – 2, 5

India – 2, 8

New Zealand – 0, 6

Bangladesh – 0, 2

ODIs: (Forced White wash, White Washed)

Pakistan – 17, 6

Australia – 12, 2

South Africa – 11, 2

West Indies – 11, 12

England – 10, 8

Sri Lanka – 10, 4

New Zealand – 9, 11

India – 6, 3

Bangladesh – 6, 21

Zimbabwe – 4, 21

Kenya – 2, 5

Ireland – 1, 1

Bermuda – 0, 2

ICC World XI – 0, 1

February 8, 2012

Sachin’s Anthem

After Kolaveri Di, Dhanush continued his success by singing about Sachin for Boost Ad.

February 6, 2012

Pakistan secure series whitewash

Pakistan has won the 3rd and final test of the series against England and have broke many records. This is Pakistan’s first whitewash against England in a Test series. This is an extraordinary achievement for them as they have done this at a neutral venue as they have no home to call its own. Entering the series Pakistan were underdogs as they were going to compete with the world number one test team. Below are some of the records during this series.

  • This is Pakistan’s 5th White Wash overall. Previous they have achieved this against Australia, New Zealand, West Indies and Bangladesh.
  • Pakistan scored 99 in the first innings and still won the match. Last time this happened was 105 years back when England beat South Africa after hitting 76 in their first innings. It is also just 9th time overall that a team has won despite a score of less than 100 in the first innings.
  • 19.06 was England Team’s batting average in this series. This was their second lowest in a series with 3 or more test matches since 1888.
  • 48 wickets at an average of 15.64 were taken by spinners for Pakistan in this series. This is the highest number of wickets taken by Pakistan spinners in a three-Test series.
  • Overall 75 wickets fell to spinners in this series. Only twice spinners have crossed this figure in a three match test series.
  • Under Misbah’s captaincy this is 9th test win with just 1 loss in 15 matches. He is now the 6th best captain and definitely in race (6 more matches) to become the best captain for Pakistan.

Pakistan team is having a dream run since 2011. They have won 9, lost 1 and draw 3 matches out of 13 matches played since.


The success of Pakistan team is clearly measurable with their team members individual performances in both bowling and batting departments.

3 of the top 5 bowlers in last one year are from Pakistan.


5 of the top 15 batsmen in last one year are from Pakistan.


I wish them good luck and hope with this form they will reach the top.

February 6, 2012

IPL 2012 Auctions Summary

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February 6, 2012

IPL 2012 Auction: No takers for Laxman

This year’s IPL auction have seen players like Jadeja, Vinay Kumar & Jayawardene get Million dollar figures. Last year we have seen that there were players like Ganguly, Lara, Gayle, Gibbs, Boucher etc going unsold in the auction. This year I was curious to know who would miss the train. So I followed the auction closely yesterday. Good players like Tamim Iqbal, Mark Boucher, Vernon Philander, Fidel Edwards, Ravi Rampaul, Peter Siddle and Graeme Swann have missed this year IPL.

There was one player to be noted as Ganguly from Last Year. Its none other our very own Vangipurapu Venkata Sai Laxman aka ‘Very Very Special’. There were no takers for Laxman. I felt bad for the guy who has been widely regarded as a saviour. Personally I feel that Laxman can never be a good 20-20 player. But for what he has done to this country, he should not simply be ignored.

Last Year when Kochi Tuskers bought him at a price of $400,000, he actually lowered his price to $300,000 to attract the bidders. This year I think he should declare that he would give his services as a mentor to the team members, then some franchise may just recruit him. I am sure that taking him as a full-time IPL player is certainly not a wise business decision.

February 6, 2012

IPL 2012 – Auction

Kochi Tuskers team has been terminated by BCCI from IPL for breaching its terms of agreement. As we came close to IPL 2012, these players from Kochi are now auctioned and available for other franchises. As always there were some hits and some misses. Some were worth the price while some did not deserve it when compared to their talent.

These are players who were sold in this auction

Ravindra Jadeja – Maximum purse of $2 million bid by Chennai Super Kings and Deccan Chargers. It goes to a tiebreaker. Bought by Chennai Super Kings for an undisclosed amount (base price $100,000). He is definitely a good player but I feel 2 million is a bit exaggeration.

Mahela Jayawardene – $1.4 million to Delhi Daredevils (base price $300,000). I dont know what Delhi Daredevils were thinking.

Vinay Kumar – $1 million to Royal Challengers Bangalore (base price $100,000). He has proven in the domestic cricket and I wish he will continue his good bowling in IPL and get a place in Indian Team.

Brendon McCullum – $900,000 to Kolkata Knight Riders (base price $400,000). Perfect bet for his explosive batting.

Sunil Narine – $700,000 to Kolkata Knight Riders (base price $50,000). This is a surprise.

Thisara Perera – $650,000 to Mumbai Indians (base price $50,000)

Parthiv Patel – $650,000 to Deccan Chargers (base price $200,000)

RP Singh – $600,000 to Mumbai Indians (base price $200,000). Hope to see him back in Indian Team.

Brad Hodge – $475,000 to Rajasthan Royals (base price $200,000).

Andre Russell – $450,000 to Delhi Daredevils (base price $50,000)

Sreesanth – $400,000 to Rajasthan Royals (base price $400,000)

Mitchell Johnson – $300,000 to Mumbai Indians (base price $300,000). His stats would definitely say he deserves more.

Muttiah Muralitharan – $220,000 to Royal Challengers Bangalore (base price $200,000). Never expected this low price.

Azhar Mahmood – $200,000 to Kings XI Punjab (base price $100,000)

James Faulkner – $190,000 to Kings XI Punjab (base price $100,000)

Brad Hogg – $180,000 to Rajasthan Royals (base price $100,000)

Ramesh Powar – $160,000 to Kings XI Punjab (base price $100,000)

Robin Peterson – $100,000 to Mumbai Indians (base price $100,000)

Darren Bravo – $100,000 to Deccan Chargers (base price $100,000)

Daniel Harris – $70,000 to Deccan Chargers (base price 50,000)

Kevon Cooper – $50,000 to Rajasthan Royals (base price 50,000)

Marchant de Lange – $50,000 to Kolkata Knight Riders (base price $50,000)

Doug Bracewell – $50,000 to Delhi Daredevils (base price $50,000)

Dinesh Chandimal – $50,000 to Rajasthan Royals (base price $50,000)

Herschelle Gibbs – $50,000 to Mumbai Indians (base price $50,000)


(Players who were signed last year as a replacement for injured players and then retained by the franchise for this year)
Chris Gayle – Royal Challengers Bangalore, $550,000
Sourav Ganguly – Pune Warriors, $400,000
David Miller – Kings XI Punjab, $100,000


(Main players signed during the IPL’s trading window between December 15 and January 20)
Kevin Pietersen – Deccan Chargers to Delhi Daredevils
Andrew McDonald – Delhi Daredevils to Royal Challengers Bangalore
Dinesh Karthik – Kings XI Punjab to Mumbai Indians
Pragyan Ojha – Deccan Chargers to Mumbai Indians
R Sathish – Mumbai Indians to Kings XI Punjab
Harmeet Singh – Deccan Chargers to Kings XI Punjab

Unsold – Highlighted people, I feel deserve a place in teams.

James Anderson, Tamim Iqbal, Adrian Barath, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Ian Bell, Owais Shah, Upul Tharanga, VVS Laxman, Matt Prior, Brendan Taylor, Mark Boucher, Justin Kemp, Marlon Samuels, Steven Smith, Ravi Bopara, Luke Wright, Kevin O’Brien, Dwayne Smith, Lonwabo Tsotsobe, VRV Singh, Vernon Philander, Fidel Edwards, Ravi Rampaul, Peter Siddle, Tim Southee, Graeme Swann, Rangana Herath, Ajantha Mendis, Steve O’Keefe, Xavier Doherty, Michael Klinger, Richard Levi, Alviro Petersen, Lendl Simmons. Farveez Maharoof, Jacob Oram, Moises Henriques, Ben Laughlin, Ryan McLaren, Nicky Boje, Jacques Rudolph, Andy McKay, Alister McDermott, Michael Neser

December 29, 2011

Best Test Bowler Debuts of the Year 2011

Recently when Marchant de Lange took 7 wickets against Sri Lanka in Kingsmead test, my brother tweeted about the debutants coming into the arena with a bang. I got curious and wanted to write about the debutants who have taken five wicket hauls in their first test.

Elias Sunny
96/6 vs West Indies – Chittagong Test

Being part of a team where we always here only one name Shakid Al Hasan, Elias sunny is a bright prospect to give the ex-captain some support with his performances. This Left arm spinner has claimed six wickets in the first innings of the first Test against the West Indies. This performance of his has helped Bangladesh in dismissing West Indies for 244. He was deservedly named man of the match

Nathan Lyon
34/5 vs Sri Lanka – Galle Test

Other than Shane Warne, we have hardly heard about any spinners in Australian side. Nathan Lyon who debuted for Australia against Sri Lanka has taken five wickets in his first Test. The icing on the cake for him is wicket of Sangakarra with his first ball of his debut over. He has shown some strong performances and as of now he is the best option for spin for Australia.

Doug Bracewell
85/5 vs Zimbabwe – Bulawayo Test

Doug played his first match against the minnows Zimbabwe. He took his first five wicket haul in the second innings of his first test. He came into limelight for his splending performance against Australia which helped Kiwis to win a test match against Australia since 1993. His devastating spell of 6-40 has overshadowed David Warners century in the match. This was also first victory for Kiwis in Australia since 1985.

Ravichandran Ashwin
47/6 vs West Indies – Delhi Test

Ravichandran Ashwin who has been quite successful in IPL and ODIs made a similar start to his test career. He had a memorable Test debut, claiming 6 wickets for 47 runs in the 2nd innings of the first Test against the West Indies in Delhi. He finished the match with the figures of 128/9 and went on to be named MOM on debut.

Vernon Philander
15/5 vs Australia – Cape Town Test

For me he is the best debutant bowler of the year. He started off with a devastating spell against Australia in the first test which was over in 3 days. It was a remarkable Test debut for South Africa seamer Vernon Philander in Cape Town, where Australian wickets tumbled and Proteas scoring an eight-wicket victory. Australia were shot out for 47 in the second innings, the country’s lowest completed Test innings total since 1902. From there he took 4 five wicket hauls in 2 months.

James Pattinson
27/5 vs New Zealand – Gabba Test

The 21 year old James Pattison has been the fastest of the debutant bowlers of 2011. He is able to get the pace and bounce and the swing at the same time. He showed the world his arrival by getting 5 wickets for 27 runs against New Zealand in the first test in Brisbane. He has added lot of strength to the inexperienced and vulnerabale Australian line up.

Pat Cummins
79/6 vs South Afirica – Wanderers Test

Australia always had very talented fast bowlers. Pat Cummins made a dream debut with a haul of 6 for 79 against South Africa in the second innings of the second Test. Being the youngest in the team the 18-year-old New South Wales right-arm fast bowler has a very bright future. With three young and talented youngters Pat Cummins, James Pattinson and Mitchell Starc in Australian team, I look forward to see yet another dominant side in near future.

Marchant de Lange
81/7 vs Sri Lanka – Kingsmead Test

After Vernon Philander, Marchant de Lange did his debut against Sri Lanka in the second test. He finished the first innings with seven wickets for 81 runs and became the eighth bowler to take a five-wicket haul on debut this year. South Africa team now has a very strong bowling department with Dale Steyn, Vernon Philander, Kallis and the latest addition Marchant de Lange.