Dhoni – The Street Smart

Cricket in India was introduced by the British and lot of legendary players have blessed it with their style and class. So far 287 players in Tests, 216 players in ODIs and 66 in T20Is have made debut for India. How many do we really remember? How many have had an impact on us? How many have created their own style?

For me there are few players because whom I am still watching cricket. I can start with

Gavaskar, the Master Class batsmen from 70s, who is admired all across the globe even today for his batting.

In the early and mid 80s came the first ever Fast Bowler for India – “Kapildev Ramlal Nikhanj”. He inspired a whole generation of fast bowlers for India.

In the late 80s was the stylish Hyderabadi Mohd. Azharuddin whose wrist play can never be forgotten. He was the most respected captain in his prime among all teams.

Then came the GOD – SACHIN about whom I need not write as his name says it all.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, it was yet another cricketer who became popular for his captaincy – Saurav Ganguly. My generation can never forget his straight sixers outside the stadium.

Then came the most arrogant and restless player of the era – Virender Sehwag. He entertained crowds in all formats of the game.

Till now whom so ever I have mentioned had amazing statistics, game, style, class. If it was not for them, I would have lost interest in cricket long ago.

All the above players are legends and no one can even dream to be them again. Playing along side with them itself would be a great honour for anyone. But there is one person who for whom I have started this blog can manage all these guys in one team and get the best out of them.


That’s None other than Mahender Singh Dhoni. He hailed from a state about which most of us would come to know after him. He debut in 2004 December and brought India T20 World cup in 2007 September. He took up on a role which no other senior player wanted to even consider. He got a very young team to play with and went on to win the 2011 ODI world cup. He also achieved the Number one status for India in Test Cricket. He has achieved all the heights that any captain can reach. For me he is the best captain so far for India.

Today I heard the news which was inevitable and was just matter of time for the man to take the decision. Mahender Singh Dhoni has decided to call it quits from captaincy in limited overs cricket.

I am sure his reigns would go to able hands of awe inspiring young man Virat Kohli who himself has already established as one of the greats to play the sport.


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