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October 28, 2009

Night Photography @ Raffles

Traffic in the night with the Fullerton Hotel background
Skyline when seen from Merlion

Skyline when seen from Esplanade
October 14, 2008

B & W Photography

People having fun at Palawan beach

View from Palawan Beach

Palawan beach
September 9, 2008

Mails from Managing Editor –

Mail – 1:
After thoroughly reviewing and discussing your photograph, I am pleased to inform you that our Selection Committee has advanced your contest entry, “Elements of nature,” to semi-finalist in the International Open Amateur Photography Contest.

Mail – 2:
After thoroughly reviewing and discussing your photograph, I am pleased to inform you that our Selection Committee has advanced your contest entry, “Feel my love,” to semi-finalist in the International Open Amateur Photography Contest.

I have got two mails from the Managing Editor Jeffrey Bryan from Two of my photo entries have been selected for the Semi Final in the International Photography Competition. I am really feeling good and it also boosts my confidence to learn more and more techniques in the photography.

July 21, 2008

Flower Photography in KL

May 31, 2008

My Flower Photography

May 31, 2008


May 31, 2008

Sunset on the way to Nainital

These pictures were taken from moving vehicle. Hope you appreciate the effort 😉

May 16, 2008

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer, a giant observation wheel that features brilliant engineering breakthroughs a world apart from the traditional ferris wheel. It is now Asia’s most visible iconic visitor attraction. One of the largest of its kind when compared to one in London and Malaysia. It is now providing breathtaking, panoramic views of Singapore and beyond.

I am here by sharing some of the pics that I have taken with my camera.

April 13, 2008

Jurong Bird Park

photoMy weekends are the worst days here in Singapore. Because there is no where I would go in the weekend and spend my whole before my laptop to watch movies. So I always wait and see who would call me to go out of that jail kind of room. This weekend I was lucky. I was called over to join my colleagues family to Jurong Bird Park.

To my surprise my roommate also wanted to join me. He is a busy person and normally dont really have time for such things. We both met my colleague at Boonlay. Took a bus to Bird Park. By the time we reached The bird park, it started raining heavily. Firstly we cursed for the rain, but later that turned out to be giving us a beautiful view of the bird park. We felt we were as if in a wet forest.

We had sandwiches in bustop and then entered the park. The entrance it self was really cool. From there we took ticket which was 22SGD for adult and 11SGD for children. This would also include the monorail which would give a overall view of the park. I would personally suggest you to go on for a ride once you enter and once when you leave. This would give you an idea as what to cover and what you have missed.

We first went into Penguin expedition. I was very much excited to see penguins as they will be available only in Antartica. At the same time I felt bad because they were caged there and tried some artificial environment. They were most of the time standing on the ice which you can see in the pictures below.

From there went went to Photography with the birds. There we can give 5SGD and take a picture (with our own camera) with the colorful parrots standing on our hands. From here we decided to go in monorail to the next stop Lory Station. We walked for sometime around to check different species here.

We have seen Hornbills, Southeast Asian Birds, Birds of Prey and Jungle jewels. On the way back to main station, we saw a lake. Once we reached the lake we were surprised and very much excited to see it to be the Flamingo lake. It has hundreds of Flamingos in it. At this point it was raining and the whole region was looking really awesome. We took some snaps there and decided to go to Pools Amphitheater to watch the birds and buddies show.

As it was raining the show got postponed. So we went into the World of Darkness which has different species of owls from all parts of the world. The whole area was filled with darkness and very small lights were used. We were not allowed to use the flash. As I dint have the tripod I couldnt get a proper picture of any of these birds in night mode.

It was still raining but as there was a huge audience already present they had to start the show. The show was simply superb. There was a show in which parrot speaks. There are two kiwi birds which would catch the food when it is thrown in the air. There are flamingos which march into the theater and go out as if they were told to do so. There were 7 different species of Pelicans which were displayed. There were parrots which would go through the rings hold by the audience in circular fashion. There was a basketball game between 2 different species of parrot. This was the best part of the whole bird park. Everybody in the amphitheater enjoyed this show.

The time was already 2.30 and we were very hungry. So we went and had some lunch in the restaurant present there. It was tool costly. But then we had a burger and then moved on. There was lot more to see. After lunch we went to see the Pelican cove where they were being fed with the fishes. We were also allowed to feed them. Pelican Cove was followed by Swan Lake. From here we went to the waterfall aviary.

We were shocked to see such a big waterfall which was made artificially and the look was completely natural. We took some pictures and decided to move on to see the birds of prey show. Here we saw some real big vultures and many other big birds. There was a big vulture which was just 3 months old. There was one bird which was 40 year old. There was a show where they would show how they come and catch the prey. Overall it was an awesome show.

By this time we were completely tired. But the Parrots paradise was one which we didnt see. So we went ahead to that spot. We saw so many varieties of parrots. I just knew the green parrot that is there in India. Here I could see parrots in so many colors. From there we went to Lory Loft. In my opinion this is the best place in the whole bird park.

In Lory Loft there were many parrots that are just left freely. These birds are very friendly. We can go ahead and feed them. It would cost SGD2 for feeding them. We took one such bowl which has some food for these birds. You just have to hold that bowl and go near the parrots. They will come and sit on your hand and shoulder. After seeing this we took the monorail and took a ride around bird park. Over all bird park is a worth to watch place in Singapore.

April 9, 2008

Night Mode

This Pic is the taken at my friends condo. Thats the view that he has got for the pool from his apartment. I tried the night vision mode last night to take this pic. This is the first time that I got the Night Vision Mode photo right 🙂