Resolutions for New Year 2014

I have been away from the blog most of the time this year. I hope I would be more regular and will write more meaningful content next year. As the year of 2013 is about to fade and the new light of new year 2014 is shining bright at us, I thought its time to write my new year Resolutions.


1. My top priority and the top of the list would be to change the job. Its already 7 years in this organization where growth is stagnant, I thought I should be determined to change the job.

2. To support my top resolution, I need to do some work for which I should upgrade my skills. For this I want to add Informatica, BO 4.0 and Unix to my existing skill set.

3. As I am good at handling the clients, I think Project Management would be my next area of interest. To move into that, I will have to complete my PMP exam.

4. Since my little angel came into my life, its been a roller coaster ride and life has been very busy and couldn’t read any books. I am planning to read at least 12 books in 2014.

5. Getting fit and getting lean has always been in my top priority lists but have never worked hard towards that goal. By the end of year 2014, I want to be lean and fit and weigh not more than 70Kgs.

6. 2013 has been a very calm year for my trips due to additions into families of my group. In 2014, I want to do at least one trekking trip, especially Sathuragiri in Tamilnadu.

7. I have been very bad with my finances through out my life. I should keep an account of every penny that I earn/spend/lend.

8. This year has been special with respect to my entrepreneurship as I started my first venture. I would like to venture one more in 2014.

9. I have always been fond of bikes. I want to buy Royal Enfield Continental GT in 2014.

10. Dad has been wanting to drive a SUV for long time now. I would like to buy Mahindra Bolero (Dad’s favourite) in 2014.

11. I have been fond of keeping count of some silly things. Similarly, I have count of countries that I travelled. I want to increase the number by at least 2 in 2014.

12. I was known for my ability to keep in touch with everyone. Its been a while that I have not lived up to the expectations. I would like to contact as many friends this year as possible and may be plan a get together.

13. I feel it is materialistic to wish on Facebook. I would like to wish most of my friends by calling them for their birthdays this year.

14. I would like to do a road trip in 2014.

15. Stop running marathons and start doing some unique fun runs and competitive runs like color run and commando run respectively.

16. I want to do sky dive in 2014.

17. Learn one musical instrument in 2014.

18. Learn basic communication in a new language

19. I have reduced watching Movies and TV Shows drastically at the end of 2013. I hope I will continue the same and watch more news and documentaries.

20. I have always been proud of saying that I work much faster than my peers. But what I am doing in my free is not so productive. I hope to make use of this free time in office to improve any of the above mentioned areas.


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